Intersection Conference - Hinto Presents

Intersection Conference

Where Design meets Development

October 7-8 2022

Intersection conference

The coolest DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE by Hinto IS BACK! In 2022  edition we will DESIGN AND DEVELOP for Fast Evolving Times, strategically addressing the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing landscape of our industry.

This year, the conference will be held in the beautiful Turin, near the Alps. 





Alastair Sommerville - Sensory Designer at Acuity Design
Alastair Sommerville - Sensory Designer

Alastair Somerville is a sensory design consultant. He provides expert advice on cognition and person-centered design to companies and public organisations who provide both physical and digital products or services. He facilitates workshops on sensory and emotional design for major conferences and corporations, including SouthBy Southwest (SxSW) and Google. 

Marc Biemer
Marc Biemer - Senior Digital Product Designer at Futurice

Marc is a digital designer, researcher and AMVR creator with  a degree in Cognitive Systems & Interactive Media. He turns visions into meaningful, perceptible artifacts. Throughout the years he shaped the design of web shops and apps, the conception of AI-based services, and the development of mixed reality games for kids with autism.

Mey Beisaron
Mey Beisaron - Software Engineer at Forter

Mey is a Software Engineer, a Public speaker and a Mentor.
When she is not spending her weekends coding games or speaking at tech conferences, she experiments with algorithms or playing Super Mario Bros. in Nintendo Switch.
Mey is a sworn star wars fan. May the force be with you

Filippo Elgorni
Filippo Elgorni - Data Viz Engineer at Accurat

Filippo Elgorni studied physics and worked as a videomaker. His dedication for math and his passion for visual communication found a common ground in the field of data visualisation. He currently works at Accurat as a developer and scientist.

Federico Del Gaudio
Federico Del Gaudio - Software Engineer at Accurat

Federico Del Gaudio is a software engineer at Accurat where he develops complex data-driven interfaces.
Previously, he worked as a full–stack developer for enterprise–level applications and as a UX/UI designer.
Always passionate about interaction between technology and art, he enjoys live coding music and video.

Adam Cochrane
Adam Cochrane - Lead service designer at Taxfix

 Australian born, Berlin based. Adam has worked with everyone from Indigenous Australians to corporate Austrians. His previous roles include companies like Zalando, IXDS, Factory Berlin, Telekom and more, in these roles he has been able to facilitate meaning, purpose and drive vision. He is now also the co-host of SDD Berlin and loves to talk about the more human side of life. 

Andrea Marec
Andrea Marec - CFO at Reasoned Art

Graduated with full marks in Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconi University in Milan and Keyo University in Tokyo.
From 2020 he is CFO and Co-Founder of Reasoned Art, the first Italian benefit start-up company entirely dedicated to crypto art.
In 2022, he was included among the 100 under 30s of Forbes Italy.

Sara Michelazzo's photo
Sara Michelazzo - Head of Customer Experience for Tech Operations at ThoughtWorks

Sara is the Head of Customer Experience for Tech Operations at ThoughtWorks, a globally distributed team of 500+ people. She led the Design Strategy for the pluriannual Global Program “Empowering ThoughtWorkers Growth“ to redefine a holistic experience to support the continuous development of 7000+ employees in 14 countries.

Giulia Calabretta's photo
Giulia Calabretta - Associate Professor in Strategic Value of Design at Delft University of Technology

Giulia Calabretta, Ph.D., explores the intersection of (strategic) design, management, and innovation, and has been published in several academic journals. She is the co-author of the successful book "Strategic Design" and of the recently published book "Design Leadership Ignited: Elevating Design at Scale". Giulia plays an active role in the creation of effective design leadership education for the future.

Claudia Cristina Pollina's photo
Claudia Cristina Pollina - Service Designer at Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale

Claudia is a Service Designer at Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale, the Italian government team that aims to improve digital services within the Public Administration. 
She believes in the power of communities and peer collaboration, thus she built the Service Design community in Milan.

Tiziano Marano's photo
Tiziano Marano - Tech lead & junior solution architect at A2A

Tiziano is a young independent mobile apps developer that at the age of 11 years old he was officially recognized as the "Youngest Official Apple Developer in the World" during the iOS Tech Talk World Tour 2011 organized by Apple. He is currently working for A2A as tech lead and junior solution architect in a new R&D unit: the PulsarHub. Tiziano is very passionate about digital technologies, especially when applied in the public sector. 

Matteo di Pascale's photo
Matteo di Pascale - Co-Founder and CEO at Sefirot Independent Publisher

Matteo is a multidisciplinary creative and entrepreneur. He worked as a UX designer and Art Director for international brands such as Samsung, Whirlpool, OnePlus, FCA Group, Philip Morris. Author of award winning creative products Intùiti, Fabula and Cicero and founder of Sefirot Independent Publisher. He founded UXBox, an online academy that delivers the most advanced online UX design course in Italy.

Boris di Chio
Boris di Chio - Senior Interaction Designer at Frog Design

He works on design research and product definition, designing interactions for a wide range of digital channels with constant attention on finding the sweet spot between users’ needs and business feasibility.

Since 2020 he has participated in teaching activities at TAG, IED and Unito.

Giulio Poggia
Giulio Poggia - Software Engineer at Hinto

Giulio is a Frontend Developer at Hinto. Initially trained in London as a classical pianist, he decided to take up the challenge and retrain to join the tech world.

He enjoys the creative side of development and is constantly researching and practicing new ways to create more visually-pleasing, interactive, and intuitive experiences.

Cristina Lusetti
Cristina Lusetti - Product Manager Director at Frog

Product Manager Director at frog Milan Centre of Excellence, works with client stakeholders and partners to define features and priorities along the different phases of the product development life cycle, building up the product roadmap and planning releases, with focus on getting the best DesignOps process setup.

Guido Parlato
Guido Parlato - Design Director at frog

Design Director at frog Milan Center of Excellence, passionate about bringing to market meaningful experiences to enhance user’s everyday life.
In his 15+ years of experience with Product Design Innovation and User Experience, Guido has delivered effective products for a wide range of global clients across different industries.

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