Call for Speakers

Turin, October 3-4 2024

The call for proposals ends 10th of May 2024.

All the talks will be performed in English, we won’t accept submissions in any other language.

Topics 2024

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Sustainable Design & Development

Integrate sustainability principles into your design and development processes to reduce the environmental impact of digital technologies and products.

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Design System & Scalability

Master the art of creating and managing robust design systems that scale across large organizations, enhancing consistency and efficiency in digital product design and development.

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Natural User Interfaces

Learn about developing interfaces that leverage natural inputs like motion, gesture, voice, and gaze to create more fluid and intuitive interactions with technology.

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Generative AI

Dive into the creative possibilities of generative AI, from concept to final design. Explore ethical considerations, bias avoidance, and transparency in AI applications.

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Micro-Frontends & Modular Architectures

Explore the adoption of micro-frontends and modular architectures to facilitate the development of complex, scalable user interfaces, offering greater code flexibility and reusability.

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Cross-Platform Development

Assess the latest frameworks and tools for seamless cross-platform development, ensuring high-quality user interfaces and superior user experiences across multiple platforms.

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