9 October

- 9:30 - 12:30

Breaking Silos, Embracing Synergy: Driving Collaboration between IT and Marketing unit

Join us in exploring collaborative approaches that enhance collaboration between IT and Marketing/Design areas. 

Through practical Design thinking methodologies and ITSM based tools shared in this workshop, participants will gain valuable insights to bridge the gap between these disciplines, leading to an User Centered improved service design and IT process management outcomes.

Roberta Antonini
Atlassian Coach

Jira, Confluence, Trello are Roberta’s bread and butter: no doubt why she is the Atlassian Coach at Hinto.
Roberta works in IT for more than 15 years, helping international companies to get their ITSM and ESM processes straight and effective.
She is ITIL and PMO certified and when she is not looking for business solutions, she seeks for the best panorama to shot with her camera.

Francesco D'Angela
Service Designer

Francesco is a Service Designer at Hinto, dedicated to assisting companies in their innovation and digital transformation processes to enhance experiences and services. With a passion for problem-solving and analyzing human interactions with the world, Francesco is intrigued by the impact of technology on people’s behavior and habits. Currently, he is exploring generative artificial intelligence tools, delving into the realm of creative possibilities they offer.

Alessandra Sarangelo
UX Designer

Alessandra Sarangelo is a Service Designer at Hinto. In her professional carrier she has had the opportunity to design both B2C and B2B experiences in teams with a strategic approach. Always fascinated by the why of things, she has made curiosity her driver. When she is not busy mapping user flows and interactions, Alessandra travels in search of adventures and new foods to taste.

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