10 October

- 14:00 - 14:30

Innovation Roundtable: How are we going to scale human potential?

Digital innovation has experienced a significant acceleration in recent times, gradually pushing the market to refer to it as the “digital revolution.” This has raised questions about the way we conceive, design, and interact with tomorrow’s digital products. In this roundtable, we will explore the questions that every digital professional must address in order to never miss out this new wave of technological revolution and how to scale human potential in the years to come.

Simone Pancaldi
Channel Manager Southern Europe

Simone has more than 20 years of experience in the IT market, and in 2021 he move to the Netherlands to join the Atlassian team. Now, as Channel Manager Southern Europe he’s helping partners and customers to adopt Atlassian tools.

Innovation and new methodologies are his daily challenges, that take Simone to search/test/evaluate and keep his mind always rolling.

Stefano Maggiore
Business Development
Imola Informatica

Stefano is a computer engineer, graduated from the University of Bologna. He founded a Service Design, UX and frontend architecture company (Antreem) in 2012. In 2020 he became a partner of Imola Informatica, where he held the roles of Business Developer and Advisor.

Roberto Carnicelli
Co-founder and CEO

Roberto is the co-founder and CEO of Eoliann, startup founded in 2022. Eoliann harnesses earth observation satellite data and machine learning algorithms to estimate the probability and impact of climate risks worldwide. Following his graduation from the MSc in International Management at Bocconi and The University of Sydney Business School, Roberto embarked on his professional career in strategy consulting, specializing in financial services’ strategies. Later on, he transitioned to innovation consulting, where he oversaw projects centred around digital transformation and corporate entrepreneurship.

Boris Di Chio
Senior Interaction Designer

Senior Interaction Designer at frog Innovation Team, works on design research and product definition, designing interactions for a wide range of digital channels with constant attention on finding the sweet spot between users’ needs and business feasibility.

In his 7+ years of experience with technology, digitally-enabled services and design systems, Boris has delivered products and services for several global sector-leading brands.

Since 2020 he has participated in teaching activities at PoliTO, IAAD, IED and UniTO.

Currently Design Mentor at Designlab UX academy and volunteering on ADPLIST.

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