9 October

- 13:30 - 17:00

How to understand, measure and evaluate a service

In this hands-on workshop, I’ll teach a framework that unpacks a service end to end, and then helps to identify appropriate performance indicators. It will give you practical tools and ideas to look at service performance holistically, in a way that is inclusive of user needs, business goals and strategy or policy aims. 

We will cover: 

– Learn a framework to set out how a service works that helps folks in design, product, operations, strategy, policy or technology folk to work together

– How to define succesful ‘outcomes’ or results for services to guide the work of teams

– Practical tools and advice to know or to measure service performance end to end 

– Developing unified views that are detailed and grounded enough to inform continuous service improvement and to scope projects or teams

– Practical ways to develop shared agreement with the right folks in the organisation(s) you work with

You’ll come away with an understanding of how to help your organisation(s) understand, measure and evaluate services at a practical enough level to give direction to decision making – and to put it into practice fast. 

Alongside the chance to try things out in person, we’ll make it an interactive conversation so that we can learn from each other.  




10 October

- 12:00 - 12:30

The Service Organization

In this talk Kate will discuss what it looks like when an organisation puts great service delivery at the heart of how it operates.

All of us now have experience of modern delivery teams creating digital products and services. But for many of us, the rest of the organisation still operates in the same old ways.

It’s not enough just to have high performing delivery teams in a few places. For everyone to be able to deliver better services by default, you have to change how things work across the organisation.

We’ll dive into what being more ‘service led’ means for how work is scoped and shaped, how teams work together, governance and leadership activities. 

Using real life examples from organisations that put service performance in the driving seat for change, we’ll focus on a few of the most challenging – and the most valuable – opportunities today.

Kate Tarling
Author of The Service Organization
Service Leader and Specialist

Kate Tarling works with large organisations to develop the conditions and practices for everyone to deliver better services by default. She does this through consulting and training, and regularly advises boards, executives and teams as founder of a services company. She previously held senior service leadership roles in government as well as the private sector, including design, operations and strategy.

Kate is the author of The Service Organization and has spoken on service organisations as guest lecturer at Harvard University, UCL, the University of Toronto, as well as Google, the Estonian Government, and the British Institute for Government.

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