10 October

- 11:30 - 12:00

Leveraging Automated Testing Data to Enhance User Experience

In the pursuit of exceptional user experiences, organizations often overlook a valuable resource: the data generated from automated testing.
This talk explores the untapped potential of leveraging automated testing data to enhance user experience. We will discuss techniques for extracting insights from various types of automated tests and demonstrate how organizations have successfully used this data to address UX issues. Attendees will leave with practical strategies to integrate automated testing data into their UX design and development processes, enabling data-driven decision-making and measurable improvements in UX quality.

Ludovico Besana
QA Engineer
Banca AideXa

Ludovico, born as a Full Stack Developer, discovered his true passion for quality later in his career. With a background in Full Stack Development, he possessed a strong technical foundation and a deep understanding of software systems.
As an Automation and Open Source enthusiast, Ludovico recognized the power of efficient and reliable testing methodologies. He understood the importance of ensuring that software products met the highest standards of performance, functionality, and user experience.He works as a QA Engineer for Banca AideXa.

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