10 October

- 16:30 - 17:00

Break out from the framework: Web Components to the rescue

Since the early years of the Web, we strived to define the common bits of our interfaces. The concept of “component” was born. But with dozens of frameworks that fit a myriad of use cases, our components were relegated to our tiny bubbles.
In order to break out from all of this, we needed support from the Platform. We needed specifications with guaranteed support and compatibility. And now that Web Components are taking over, we’ll see what we can do now and will be able to do in the near and far future.
Massimo Artizzu
Software and web developer
Antreem S.r.l.

Massimo has always been IT-curious way before it was cool. He fell in love with web development back when Internet Explorer was largely dominant and using Flash for a simple menu was still considered a sane thing to do, but he carried on. No wonder he became obsessed with the new web standards and eagerly studied everything he could about them (about getting paid to use them… well, that’s another story).
He worked on a wide variety of web sites and applications, ranging from simple landing pages to complex custom-tailored CMS’s, from structured B2B applications to open source packages, from component libraries to simple internal tools and documentations. Always aiming and advocating for well structured code, maintainability, accessibility, mentorship, he thinks that libraries and frameworks come and go, but the web standards are here to stay. And about web standards he’ll incessantly talk… this time too.

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