10 October

- 17:30 - 18:00

Flutter and Atomic Design: Enhancing the Synergy Between Design and Programming

Discover the dynamic pairing of Flutter and Atomic Design, empowering designers & developers to create exceptional apps. Learn how they seamlessly integrate, promote collaboration, and reduce development time. Optimize your workflow and build extraordinary user experiences. Join us on this exciting journey!

Angelo Cammaroto
Software Engineer Manager

Angelo Cammaroto is a Software Engineer Manager in one of the biggest PayTech in Europe. As a part of the Digital Delivery group he is leading the mobile infrastructure coordinating and combining development and design in his daily work. He is very passionate about new technologies and techniques can bring new opportunities in terms of development, business streams and productivity. In his spare time he also use to be a developer advocates and a content creator on Instagram. His mission is to help developers be successful with a platform or a technology without forget desing and accessibility.

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