10 October

- 10:30 - 11:00

Technology and Ethics: A New Design Paradigm – Interconnectedness and Coexistence.

The act of design has changed. Designers now work in various sectors such as private companies, consultancies, start-ups, and governments.
Design has evolved into a multifaceted practice. Today’s designers deal with interconnected systems, strategic innovation, and organizational ecosystems. They manage complexity and promote collaboration.
Designers are also embracing data as a new language. The 4th industrial revolution and technologies like AI&ML drive disruptive experiences and shape human behavior. Digital platforms and machines enable these interactions.
While technology has benefits, it also poses risks. Designers must advocate for ethical values and ensure fairness for humanity and the planet.
How can designers support the development of experiences driven by mainstream technologies? How can they promote ethical processes and outcomes? How can designers bring justice to the field and understand ethics?
This session showcases the transformation and relevance of the designer’s role. It explores Ethics, Technoethics, and Justice, as well as new collaboration approaches for successful results.

Marihum Pernia
Design & Innovation Director
eFM Spa

Marihum Pernia is a Design & Innovation Director at eFM spa. She is also a Co-Founder of Service Design Drinks Milan and coexist. With a background in strategic design from Politecnico di Milano, Marihum focuses on transforming business strategies and organizational ecosystems through the study of human behaviors and the application of technological foundations. She has over ten years of experience in the design sector and currently works as the Innovation & Design Director at eFM-Engaging Places, where she leads the Hubquarter project—an ecosystem that shares existing spaces for value generation. Marihum is also involved in setting the agile path for eFM to become a platfirm in the Real Estate sector. Additionally, she serves as an adjunct professor at Politecnico di Milano. In 2022, Marihum created coexist, a digital space focused on reflecting and interpreting design, technology, ethics, and fostering a fair coexistence between humans, algorithms, and other entities.

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