10 October

- 15:30 - 16:00

Serotonina: a quest for happiness

The means of communication at our disposal are in constant evolution and it is fundamental to keep up-to-date in order to fully comprehend their potential and use them to our advantage. One of today’s most discussed topics is indeed AI, on which professionals and newcomers have multiple opinions. Serotonina’s team too uses artificial intelligence to speed up its work-flow, but at the same time it nurtures the individual growth of emotional intelligence every day, being aware that each person makes a difference in the environment they interact with. To foster our own emotional intelligence a good deal of serotonin is essential. Each person pursues happiness under different shapes and through subjective paths, but it’s unquestionable that we will always have to deal with every shade of emotion to find our center. Serotonina has created the first advergame based in Turin to narrate its nature of creative agency, through an amusing as well as profound in its contents storytelling. By facing dreaded enemies, each one of us will be able to find happiness for the greater good. We wait for you to meet this challenge and play together on the 10th of October!

Alessio Gaffarelli
Art Director

Alessio is a young 27-year-old passionate of vintage, art, sunsets, and creative expression in all its forms. He has accumulated 5 years of experience in the field of Communication and Graphics, working closely with Italian and international clients. Thanks to his open mind and his personality, Alessio grows as a professional every day, always looking for new spaces to express his creativity. When he logs out, Alessio can’t stand still, and for the past 15 years, he is carrying on his career as a professional street dancer, capturing every special moment with his Polaroid.

Christian Torelli
CEO & Creative Director

Passionate about communication since youth, he began his career as a freelancer immediately after finishing his studies at the age of 24. He worked for national and international companies such as OVS, Fondazione Lavazza, Leasys, Olivetti, GAP, Ferrero, Sikkens, and in 2020 he founded Serotonina, Italy’s happiest creative agency. With great enthusiasm, he teaches at IED in Turin, at Faculty of Economics and Polytechnic of Turin. For 25 years, he has been the frontman of the rock band Avvolte, with whom he has recorded and released 5 albums. He is constantly searching for his center of permanent gravity by practicing mindfulness.

Elisa Castaldi
Art Director

In a world made of colors, pixels and magic brushes, there is a creative Art director and Illustrator. For two years, she has made the Serotonina agency her creative playground, expressing her vision of her. She is a passionate experimenter, always looking for new ways to enrich and surprise her soul. She loves to travel around the world with music as her guide. She collects sound emotions, concert after concert, which feed her happiness and make her dance inside and outsider.

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