10 October

- 14:30 - 15:00

Scaling up to synergy, one “Ops” at a Time

There was a time where we used to tackle design challenges without a defined strategy and a clear workflow. We fortunately recognized the issues and embraced change, developing an organized approach to enhance collaborations between designers and other teams. Thanks to a brand new DesignOps-mindset, we made our workflow more effective, enabling us to create efficient processes, improve communication, achieve better results and work happily.
Simone Tallarita
UI Designer

Simone is a UI Designer at Hinto®.
He started his career as a front-end developer, then moved to the dark design side.
He works hand-to-hand with both startups and large enterprises, supporting them throughout the whole design process: from user flows and wireframes to the creation of pixel-perfect interfaces. He strongly believes that even the smallest detail can make a difference and he’s obsessed with managing clear and effective Design Systems.
In his spare time, he plays guitar, acts in theaters and teaches his son “the Way of the Force”.

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