9 October

- 13:30 -17:00

The Accessibility Playbook: a beginner's guide to web accessibility

In this workshop we will walk through the newly released* Thoughtworks Accessibility Playbook, and use concrete examples to give participants hands-on experience in doing Accessibility Assessments and envisioning next steps. Participants are welcome to bring their own products or use the examples we provide in the workshop. They will receive a copy of the Accessibility Playbook (digital or in print tbd), with a list of resources for further exploration and practice.

Sara Michelazzo
Director of Strategy & Change

Sara is Director for Strategy and Change for ThoughtWorks, TechOps. She works closely with the CIO to design and lead the execution of ThoughtWorks Digital Transformation.
Sara is a TEDx Speaker, an advisor for the venture studio Nobody and an advocate for digital accessibility and inclusion.

Minette Mangahas
Principal Experience Design Strategist

Minette Mangahas is a Principal Experience Design Strategist at Thoughtworks Germany with over twenty years of experience in implementing and managing art, design, and product development across sectors including education, energy, mobility, sustainability, social enterprise, fintech, blockchain and IOT.

In addition to being an artist, writer, and storyteller, at Thoughtworks she is a part of the Customer Experience, Product and Design Service Line (CXPD), where she drives initiatives in Accessibility and Innovation through Inclusive Design.

Larissa Günther
Senior Software Developer

Larissa Günther is a Senior Software Developer at Thoughtworks Germany. As part of the Customer Experience, Product and Design (CXPD) Service Line she is combining development and design in her daily work and is especially passionate about Design Systems and Web Accessibility.

Before joining Thoughtworks she has been working as a freelance graphic and web designer. As an advocate for inclusive design and responsible tech she believes that technologists have the responsibility and power to build software usable and open to all.

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